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DimensionXstudios LLC:

Is a full-service FX shop providing Prosthetics, Sculpture, Fabrication, Environment design/construction, Scenic paint & set pieces, Custom Prop design/fabrication, Physical FX, Blood/Gore/Rigging, On-set makeup application & Character/Creature Design services.

Shop our original art pieces, film props and custom designs through Horrorhub &


We are ALWAYS open to commissions!

I hope you enjoy our work and contact us with your unique creative needs!



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Jesse Lechok spaceship green screen filmmaker special effects FX

From digital and traditional design to on set cosmetic and technical skills, Jesse has taught, designed, produced & fabricated unique, and creative concepts since 2001 for film, television, Haunted attractions & educational projects and facilities.

Jesse's broad background includes designing and implementing physical FX, managing FX crews, Environmental design & art direction, producing & directing elaborate FX driven short films as well as  teaching within the classroom, shop & digital lab environment.

Jesse has been blessed over the years to meet, work with & study under industry greats such as Tom Savini, Steve Johnson, Jordu Schell, Fantasy artist/filmmaker Dorian Cleavenger, "Zombie #1" Bill Hinzman & of course  friend & mentor Jerry Gergely.


Slorjak, Jesse Lechok, Deadstar, Ricky Vitus
Jesse Lechok, Shawn Ronzio, Tom Savini, Douglas Education Center, Alex Brejak, Reed Cesare, Kyle Marzigliano,Tommy Cassidy, Erin McCarthy, Becca Johnson, Greg Schrantz, Nora Hewitt
Jesse Lechok Tom Savini Douglas Education Center Gorilla suit creature suit demo

Clients & Affiliations


Dakoit pictures "PARADISE" - FX, Creature & Makeup designer

Boatrocker Media "AMERICAN RUST"- Makeup (Prime Video)

(Ethan Cohen) "DRIVE AWAY DOLLS -Physical FX artist (Universal)

The Deliverance- Physical FX artist (Netflix)

Mayor of Kingstown- Makeup Artist (Parmount Plus)

Unsinkable - Makeup FX Artist (PMI Films)

Welcome to Red Room- Physical FX artist

Sasha Reclaimed - Makeup artist

Sneaky ghost films "OUR NATURE" - FX artist

Dark Mind Productions "THE DOOR" -Art dept.

Child warfare - Art Dept.

Douglas Education Center - Instructor/Director/Producer

Carnegie Science Center - FX artist
The History Channel "MEN WHO BUILT AMERICA" - FX Artist
Steve Johnson's "HOW TO CREATE WAX WOUNDS" - SFX Artist
Moundsville Penitentiary, "Dungeons of Horrors" - Environment & Attraction Designer
Hammerspace Pictures, "American Macho Buddha" - Physical Effects Artist
Gargoyle Productions - SFX Supervisor and Artist
Maxxtech Productions, "The Infection", "The Experiment"  - Key SFX Artist
Sean Perry Productions, "Alive & Unburied", "Homebodies" - KEY SFX Artist
Tony Milan Productions, "Myth" - Key FX Artist
Joe Hollow Productions - "The Family" - SFX Artist
Zanaglio productions - Prop Designer, FX Fabricator
Silver Shamrock Labs - Contracted SFX Artist, "SFX Instructional Video" - SFX Artist/Instructor
Killer Wolf Films -  Mask Fabricator
Willing Suspension Films, "Eulogy for a Vampire" - SFX Artist
Dorian Clevenger Productions - "Forbidden Fables", "Billy"  - SFX Artist
North Shore Productions - "Death From Above", "End Game" - Pyro/SFX  Artist
Happy Clouds Pictures - "Razor Days" - SFX Artist
Erie Horror Fest TV - FX Supervisor

Transworlds Halloween & Attractions Convention -Vendor
Jersey Fest Sculpture Convention - Vendor
Midwest Haunters Convention - Vendor

- and more!


Jesse Lechok, Krista Montgomery, Sean Perry Productions
Jesse Lechok, Physical Fx demo, Douglas Education Center
Jesse Lechok, Will Ritter, Cyclops prosthetic demo

I support our Union locals!

Jesse Lechok demonstrating airbrush techniques for creature painting
Jesse Lechok adjusting an alien creature suit for area 51 page to screen
Jesse Lechok, Tom Savini, Working out FX shots with storyboards Page to screen

My work has appeared in the following media & venues:

maxresdefault (1).jpg
OIP (1).jpg

.....& Many more.....with more to come!

Thanks to Tom,my students & the faculty @DEC for 13 amazing years!!!

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